What Are The Benefits of Incorporating Your Business?

• Incorporating boosts your credibility and marketability as a business. It can also encourage investment. A corporation has management that is centralized, and you can more easily sell stock to raise capital

• Incorporating protects you from personal liability, as an owner or director. Also, shareholders have no personal liability for debts of the corporation. They are protected in case of bankruptcy or lawsuits.

Death Concerns
• A corporation survives the death of founder, owner, or partner. The business does not terminate, and continues to operate.

• Incorporating provides the owner anonymity. You can remain a silent partner, if you wish. Also, ownership is easily transferable.

Tax Benefits
• Incorporating can provide you with options such as pensions, profit-sharing, various deductions and insurance benefits that are tax deductible. Retirement fund and retirement funds are more easily set up.